Rumble Squadron Boukenger – Complete Series Batch

vlcsnap-2017-12-05-16h10m13s072Mega | Torrent


EDIT : I’ve uploaded a V2 of Episode 49 of Boukenger to the Mega folder because I found some mistakes Post-Release. The torrent still has the old version so I recommend deleting that one and downloading the new one from Mega.

EDIT2 : Added V2 for the Promo.

So this is the Complete Batch of Boukenger which includes Episode 1-49, The Movie, VS Super Sentai and the Promo. All in HD of course, except the Promo.

Episodes 7, 19, 24, 29, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 46, 48 and VS Super Sentai include a second track that contains subtitles for the Insert Songs.

Big thanks to these folks for helping make this possible:

Den – Mega Release
RocketPanda – Torrent Release
Free Joker– Provider of Original Scripts
GuSTaVauM – Provider of Episode Raws
PocketUniverse – Provider of Movie Raws
Bunny Hat – Provider of Promo Raw
knee – Was originally planned to release the Batch but became preoccupied

TV-Nihon also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and I really couldn’t have completed it without their subs.


9 thoughts on “Rumble Squadron Boukenger – Complete Series Batch

  1. Zoomer

    You know, it would be helpful if you gave us some details about the changes you made. Like were there any changes to the Free Joker script, and if so, why? Was there any translation check? What did you do to make sure later episodes were consistent with Free Joker’s? And it would be helpful to know what role each person you credited did. I’m sorry, but without explaining anything, people are just gonna think this is just some crappy sub. Look at Free Joker’s posts, and look at how he explained all the changes and decisions he made. Look at Geki-senshi’s old blog and look at how he explained all his choices.


    1. Certainly. The FJ scripts are essentially the same scripts, all I’ve done is fix a few typo mistakes and re-timed them to the HD raws. My scripts use the exact same font and phrasing style to FJ so that the transition would be seamless, so I stayed consistent with names for the villain and such (There shouldn’t be any indication that a new person has taken over). I’ve add the second track to some of FJ’s scripts that just have the Insert Songs subbed, but no other changes have been made to those. As for translation checks, my Japanese isn’t very good but I did what I could on what I thought sounded off. The people I credited had these roles:

      Den – Mega Release
      Pandaman4z – Torrent Release
      Free Joker – Provider of Original Scripts
      GuSTaVauM – Provider of Episode Raws
      PocketUniverse – Provider of Movie Raws
      Bunny Hat – Provider of Promo Raw
      knee – Was originally planned to release the Batch but became preoccupied.

      Only other thing I can remember changing about FJ’s scripts is the Shiratori word chain game that was in about two episodes. FJ had a localized version and one that used Romaji. I’ve only included the Localized version because I prefer to keep the release as a full translation. Oh and there was an episode that used Fahrenheit even though in the show they used Celsius, so I changed it to fit that.

      Hope this helps, feel free to tell me if you want anymore clarification on certain things.


      1. Zoomer

        Thanks for the quick reply. Although you didn’t answer everything. Like if you read FJ’s old blog, he changed a lot of stuff, so what did you when you got to the new stuff that FJ had yet to do? Did you leave it the same as what TV-Nihon had it, or change it to something else. FJ did an extensive amount of research whenever a new name or term would come up, and explain his reasoning. Boukenger has a ton of references in it, so what did you do to make sure you got the ones TV-Nihon may not had got, that happened from episode 40 onwards? Also, I believe Free Joker has completed episode 40 but never released it, so could it be possible to ask him for that script, and maybe use it to compare it to your version of episode 40?

        And I think you should’ve at least kept the romaji script in for the word chain game, as that was what Aesir’s (which was the source for scripts for episodes 1-7) did. Their reasoning was because the localized script was heavily localized (for example they had to resort to changing the name of a gun to a gun manufacturer, cause there was no gun name that ended with the letter ‘d’).

        Also, with your gekiranger scrub, I highly suggest the only changes you make to that script is the Janspeak, as that was really the only problem with it.


  2. Sorry for the late reply. To address those types of changes would take me a lot of time that I just honestly don’t have. When I took over, most of the terminology was already set by FJ, so I just followed along. I did make quite a few changes to TVN’s translations, most of which were rewording their rather odd phrasing. Other stuff was changed like “Goadom’s Treasures” were changed to “Treasures of Gordom” to keep with the consistency of FJ’s scripts.Things like “Hyakkikai” were changed to “World of Demons” to keep this release as close to a full translation as possible. Again, there are plenty of more, but listing them would take me all day and while I admit it could be helpful, I think it is time better spent elsewhere.

    As for the extensive research that FJ had for each of his episode, I’d love to say that I went to as much detail as he did but to be honest I don’t think anybody could do as good of a job as he did. But, for the most part, I did try my best however when I took over, the series was at the home stretch, so there were barely anymore Precious that were being introduced. I do remember doing some research for the Golem episode and the mythology behind that, but I think that was the most research I ever went into for a Precious.

    Yes, FJ had almost completed Episode 40 when I inherited it so I did implement some of his lines into my scripts. He had also almost finished VS Super Sentai when he handed me the scripts, so most of that translation was his doing.

    The reason I left out the Romaji track was because I wanted this to be as close to a full translation as possible, and to be honest, the Romaji track was quite hard to follow and kind of took you out of the moment of a pretty touching scene. I know that Aesir had to change the translation for that game to localize it, but that’s just how it goes when it comes to translating something from one language to another, you have to take some liberties. The words weren’t all that important to the show (Other than the gun being a foreshadow to Sakura’s past) but the meaning behind the scene was and I think that track did its job well to convey that. Translators do it all the time, I remember an episode of ToQGer were O-T translated something completely off in favor of a joke (Episode 20, 12:30ish) (Also I love ToQGer so that’s why I’m thinking of it right now).

    As for the Jan-Speak in Gekiranger. My Japanese is quite poor but even I can see that it’s actually quite a tough thing to translate to English while still retaining the character’s “Voice”. I actually really like the way Geki-Senshi handled it, and while it may not be spot on in terms of translation, I think it retains the character’s “Voice” while also keeping intact the meaning it’s trying to convey about Jan’s personality. So for now, I’m going to leave it as it is, but if I can think of a better method of translating it, then I will make the necessary adjustments.

    Phew! Damn Zoomer you really put me to work. I hope this clarifies your questions but again, if you have any questions, then shoot them my way and I’ll make sure to answer them as soon as I can.

    Thanks for the support.


    1. Zoomer

      Once again, thanks for replying. I suppose asking you about specific changes was a bit much, but I assume you had written down some notes somewhere along the way. It’s just that every good tv-nihon scrubber (go-anonger, geki-senshi, free joker) all went into great detail about how they subbed the series and the changes made. That’s the reason why people even watch them in the first place. Not many people would be willing to invest their time in a scrub where nothing is explained. Like quite a few people say geki-senshi’s gekiranger subs are bad, but if it wasn’t for him explaining his choices, people wouldn’t of watched them. For me personally, even though some people said they were bad, before I even watched his scrub, I knew the series was in good hands because of how well explained everything. If you don’t explain anything, there is no way of telling how good it is.

      And as for episode 40, can I ask just how much of that episode is your work compared to Free Joker’s? Did you use his incomplete script as a base and filled in the gaps? Or did you start a brand new script, and use his incomplete script as a reference?

      Also, beyond handing you the scripts, did Free Joker have any involvement? Has seen the episodes you did? I think it would be helpful if he looked over the episodes to make sure they were consistent with his. Not only that, but FJ has a very good eye for references and mistakes, so even if it’s just spotting a few things I think would be helpful.

      And as for word chain game, I just think if the original translator (Magenta from Aesir, who was also at the time, a translator for Over-Time) thought that a second script with the romaji in it was needed, then it’s best that you keep it in. I’m a big fan of Over-Time, and love their translating style, but I think the person who originally translated this would know what’s best. And there’s no harm in keeping it in for people who want it. If you were translating from scratch and can’t be bothered with 2 scripts then fair enough, but the work’s already been done, so why not just keep it in there for those who want it?

      And with Gekiranger, if you think Geki-senshi did such a good job, then why are you re-doing it when he already completed it? What changes will you be making to it? And I think you would need to pretty good in Japanese to be able to handle the onomatopoeia. Cause I think everything except for Jan-speak is near perfect in Geki-senshi’s version. Also, I think if you were to do it, all you need to do is make sure the Jan-speak is proper english onomatopoeia, as the way Geki-senshi handled it, it came out more like baby-speak (this is the opinion of the majority, of people who both think it’s good and bad).

      And sorry for all the questions, but when you don’t write down any details, you’re gonna open yourself up to questions.


      1. I agree that I probably should have made a list of explanations to the changes made so I’ll try to rectify that for the next release. To be honest though, I feel like most people would just ignore it if I were to do it anyway.

        I had already finished Episode 40 when FJ handed over the scripts to me, so I used what he had to tweak things that I wasn’t sure about in my scripts. Unfortunately FJ’s involvement in the last few episodes was minuscule because he just didn’t have the time. I would consult with him for things here and there but for the most part, I was the one making the big decisions. I would have liked for him to have worked closer with me on the project, but understandably it was out of his control.

        I understand that Magenta at the time thought a second track was needed for the Game but I personally felt like it was redundant. I could have added it in there but most people would have probably not understood it’s relevance or just glossed over it in favor for the translated track, which again, I used because I wanted this release to be as close to a full translation as possible. While I do agree that Magenta had a valid reason for including the track, I don’t agree that the “translator always knows best”, by that logic, I should leave all of TVN’s incorrect translation because they must have had a reason for doing so.

        As for Gekiranger, GS did do a great job, but they made some mistakes and left lines untranslated, which is why I said I’ll be tweaking their scripts along the way. I also found that the inclusion of two tracks, one leaving a lot untranslated and one that translated literally everything, was not the best of choices. So I’ll be making my own track that sort of combines the two while also using my own terminology for certain things. I’ll be sure to properly explain the changes for that release when the time comes. Again, I personally believe that GS’ Jan-Speak was handled well, so unless I figure out a better way of executing it, for now it stays the same.

        No need to apologize for the questions, I welcome them and they are quite warranted. However I feel I should make it clear that at the end of the day this is my release, and if the majority of people think something should be done a certain way and I disagree, then I will surely go against it. My intention isn’t to be rude but the changes I make are the changes that I personally feel enhance the viewing experience, although if people feel differently, which they are absolutely entitled to, they are welcome to use my scripts to make the necessary changes, which is the whole reason I add a download link to the scripts themselves.

        If you have more questions, then keep ’em coming. But I gotta tell you dawg, you’re burning me out.


  3. Colonel Scabies

    Thank you so much for doing this! I was really ticked off when FJ quit when they were like ten episodes from the end; it’s great to see someone took up the slack.

    And you’ve got Ryuki too? You guys rock.


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