Engine Squadron Go-Onger – Complete Series Batch


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Another day, another scrub. Well this time it’s Go-Onger. This is the Complete Batch which includes Episodes 1-49, The Movie, VS Gekiranger, Episodes 1-5 of the Net Movies, Go-Onger VS Shinkenger and the Promo. This is an all HD release except for the Promo.

This scrub uses Go-Anonger’s scripts that I’ve made very minor changes to. GA did a pretty great job so I didn’t feel like I needed to change anything major other than a few things. There will be a list in the comments of what I’ve changed, even though they are quite minor.

This release also includes a Shinkenger file, that being the Go-Onger VS Shinkenger Movie. I included it into the batch because Go-Anonger had already scrubbed it so I thought I may as well. I have however set the font to match Over-Time’s Shinken release and I have also adjusted the terminology to fit their’s. So if you are watching O-T’s Shinken release, then this will be a seamless transition. The Goseigers also make an appearance, and their terminology has been set to match MillionFold Curiosity release of Goseiger.

Episodes 9, 11, 17, 19, 20, 26, 30, 38, 40, 42, 48 and VS Gekiranger include a second track that contains subtitles for the Insert Songs

Big thanks to these folks for helping make this possible:

PocketUniverse – Provider of Movie Raws and Torrent/Mega Release
Go-Anonger – Provider of Original Scripts
GuSTaVauM – Provider of Episode Raws
Bunny Hat – Provider of Promo Raw
SpecialForm12 – Translation Checks
Den – Originally planned to release on Mega but faced technical difficulties
RocketPanda – Originally planned to release torrent but became preoccupied

TV-Nihon also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and really couldn’t have been completed without them.


5 thoughts on “Engine Squadron Go-Onger – Complete Series Batch

  1. Okay, so here are the changes I made. (There are very few of them)

    Go-On Green’s catchphrase “Doki Doki Delight” was changed to “Heart-Pumping Delight” (I toyed with “Exciting Delight” but it just didn’t sound right to me)

    Go-On Gold’s catchphrase “Break the Edge” was changed to “Break the Limit” (It sounded better to me and it also made more sense tbh)

    And… umm… well those were the biggest changes lol. Go-Anonger just did to good of a job so I barely needed to change anything.

    Some changes I’d like to point out that have nothing to do with dialogue would be the Insert Songs have been subbed and I’ve added a bit of color to the OP, ED and title cards.
    But by far the biggest change I made that I felt really needed the update was the font. GA used the smallest font imaginable and it really bugged me, so I changed it to a font that was aesthetically more pleasing to the theme of Go-Onger.

    Anyways, that’s about it to the major changes.


  2. Well you get a thumbs up from me! Glad those old scripts are still useful for something. I never did finish the completely reworked ones, I got up to episode 13 before stopping. I’d like to actually finish those one day but it’s hard to pick up after however many years it’s been. I can’t even remember how to login to my old blogspot account anyway!

    About Gold’s catchphrase, I think I got that from some promotional thing. It’s been so long I can’t remember where it came from.


    1. Thanks, I tried to find a way to contact you before I started to get your blessing like I did with Free Joker but you and Geki-Senshi seemed to have kind of disappeared so I didn’t put in that much of an effort. I had heard that you were releasing reworked scripts, but I found your originals to be pretty good so I stuck with them.

      And I tend to ignore Toei’s English translation for things unless they make sense of course. Their Engrish can get a bit weird sometimes, like for Gekiranger I was informed that Retsu’s name was in the Geki movie and it was written “Retu”, which I obviously didn’t go with.

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the release!


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