Climax Jump DEN-LINER Form PV V2



So this is a V2 of the PV I uploaded on Twitter a few months ago.

I’ve changed quite a bit of the translations as well as the timing of the lines so the subtitles run much more smoothly.

I decided to make a V2 to accompany the joint release of the series that me and OZC are doing. Those can be found on OZC’s website right here.

Big thanks to TokuSwag for the raw video and the script, which I’ve included as a second track.

The song is pretty awesome and one of my favorite OPs, so I hope everyone enjoys!


8 thoughts on “Climax Jump DEN-LINER Form PV V2

    1. The script is attached to the video file, if you have Aegisub then you can just open the video with that and it’ll come up with the script, after that you can save it to wherever you like.


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