Kamen Rider Ryuki – Complete Series Batch


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Oh, hello there! So here comes another scrub project brought to you by MirrorWorldScrubs and myself. A Complete Batch of Kamen Rider Ryuki which includes Episodes 1-50, Episode Final Theatrical and Directors Cut, 13 Riders Special and the Ryuki VS Agito HBV. All files are in 60fps except for both versions of Episode Final.

This scrub is a continuation of Sub-Vent’s sub that was never completed. Episodes 1-24 are Sub-Vent, 25 is Scrub-Vent’s scripts and 26 onward are all MirrorWorld’s scrub. The HBV is using a modified Midnight Crew Subs script, with the original included as a second subtitle track. Everything has of course been unified so as to stay consistent with Sub-Vent’s original sub. Other than fixing typos and a new Opening, the first 24 episodes are the same as SV’s but now just on 60fps video.

Episode 50 includes a secondary subtitle track that translates the song that appears in the final scene of the show. The song is called Prayer and I had originally planned to leave the song untranslated as it can be distracting to read while the characters were talking, but after reading the translation and learning that it’s sung by the actress that plays Yui, I thought it was a really fitting insert to end Ryuki with, so it was included as a second track.

The 13 Riders Special also includes an Unaird Ending that can be accessed using the the Editions feature on your video player. I’d also like to add that the Theatrical Cut of Episode Final is a 720p BD encode, for all those HD obsessed viewers such as myself.

Included in the comments will be a list of Episode Titles for those that wish to rename their files to display the name of the episode.

Big thanks to these folks for helping make this possible:

MirrorWorld – Chief Scrubber
RocketPanda – Torrent Release
Bunny Hat – Provider of Episode/Movie (DC)/Special/HBV Raws
OZC – Provider of BD Movie Raw
Sub-Vent – Provider of Original Scripts (1-24)
Scrub-Vent –  Provider of Episode 25 Script
Midnight Crew Subs – Provider of HBV Script
SpecialForm12 – Translation Checks

TV-Nihon also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and really couldn’t have been completed without them.



Kamen Rider Den-O – Series Batch (Incomplete)


So this post is really just to direct people to where they can find my Den-O scrub.

It’s currently being released by OZC since he was able to get a hold of the BDs, which is awesome since I was originally working with TVrips.
As of writing this, all scripts have been finalized and sent over to OZC. The pace that the episodes will be released is entirely up to OZC’s schedule.

For the time being, this post will act as a checklist to what has been released with links to the files that OZC has uploaded. Also using this as an excuse to release the Den-O Promo (Ep00) that I subbed a while back since OZC was kind enough to send me the BD rip.

Anyways, here’s the check list:

I’m Born
I’m Born (Director’s Cut)
Climax Deka
Farewell Den-O
Farewell Den-O (Director’s Cut)
Den-O & Decade
Den-O & Decade (Director’s Cut)
Den-O Trilogy: Episode Red
Den-O Trilogy: Episode Blue
Den-O Trilogy: Episode Yellow

Final Trilogy – Special Edition
Climax Jump DEN-LINER Form PV

Also wanted to use this post to thank the following people:

OZC – BD Raws and Release
GuSTaVauM – Provider of Original Raws
TokuSwag – Provider of ‘I’m Born’ and ‘Farewell Den-O’ Raws
SpecialForm12 – Translation Checks
Persona – First Round QC
Knee – Originally Planned to Release On My Behalf

TV-Nihon and OrangeLion also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and really couldn’t have been completed without them.

This scrub has been in the making for a while so I may have forgotten a few people, but I will be sure to update it as soon as I remember.

Everybody’s Train Corner – Complete Batch



Now this is something I know nobody cares about, but I just love ToQGer so much that I had to save these before they became lost forever.

So this release is for those who are downloading OZC‘s Blu Ray encodes of ToQGer, since for some reason Toei decided to trash all of them rather mercilessly.

Anyways. I literally did nothing on this release except rip the segment straight out of Over-Time‘s original TVrips. So the subtitles have been left untouched from what OT originally had.

Anyways, I hope the three of you who care about this enjoy it.

Kamen Rider Kabuto – Complete Series Batch


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EDIT: V2s are up on Mega for Episodes 44 and 49 for Kabuto. Big thanks to  for pointing out the mistakes. Also added Episode 00 to Mega.

So it’s been a while but we’re back with another scrub to release. This is a Complete Batch release of Kamen Rider Kabuto which includes Episodes 1-49, God Speed Love and the HBV. All in HD quality except for the HBV.

This scrub uses Yongou over Yander’s scripts as a basis. Now it might seem like this release is redundant, but I chose to revamp YoY’s release since I felt like the original release could have benefited from a good polishing.

Major changes I made were the timing for the lines so they wouldn’t be delayed from the audio and I’ve used a completely different font that is more aesthetically appealing to Kabuto since I found YoY’s to be very small and hard to read. I also made changes to dialogue that I found to be kinda awkward. I’ll include a small list below of the most prominent ones.

I’ve also included Kadubbed’s audio files for the Dub and the scripts they made for any content that was removed from the original episode. While watching with Dubbed audio always switch to subtitle track 2 if available. Kadubbed files were left untouched.

Big thanks to these folks for helping make this possible:

RocketPanda – Torrent Release
Yongou Over Yander – Provider of Original Scripts
TheSandies –  Ripped the Original Dub
Masked Rider M – Provider of English Dub
GuSTaVauM – Provider of Episode Raws
Bunny Hat – Provider of HBV and Promo Raw

TV-Nihon also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and really couldn’t have been completed without them.

Anyways, that’s about it.


Climax Jump DEN-LINER Form PV V2



So this is a V2 of the PV I uploaded on Twitter a few months ago.

I’ve changed quite a bit of the translations as well as the timing of the lines so the subtitles run much more smoothly.

I decided to make a V2 to accompany the joint release of the series that me and OZC are doing. Those can be found on OZC’s website right here.

Big thanks to TokuSwag for the raw video and the script, which I’ve included as a second track.

The song is pretty awesome and one of my favorite OPs, so I hope everyone enjoys!

PANDORA feat. Beverly – Be The One



Okay, so I haven’t been to vocal about this, but I am absolutely loving Build, easily climbing up to be one of my favorite seasons and I really wanted to contribute somehow.

Now this is a Subbed PV that is using Over-Time’s translation that appeared in Episode 16. I’ve made no alterations at all, the only thing I’ve done is translate one line that wasn’t included in the episode, that being:

メッセージ 届くよ 刻むよ = Send this message and let it imprint!

My TL is a bit wonky I know, but this is only meant to be a place holder PV for when/if Over-Time releases their’s, after that, I’ll probably be deleting this file.

I’ve also set the font to Over-Time’s version because I’m quite fond of it to be honest (I know, I’m really pushing it)

Big thanks to SmithDadigans for finding the raws. And if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a stickler for HD and this release is no exception.

Anyways, enjoy!

Engine Squadron Go-Onger – Complete Series Batch


Mega | Torrent


Another day, another scrub. Well this time it’s Go-Onger. This is the Complete Batch which includes Episodes 1-49, The Movie, VS Gekiranger, Episodes 1-5 of the Net Movies, Go-Onger VS Shinkenger and the Promo. This is an all HD release except for the Promo.

This scrub uses Go-Anonger’s scripts that I’ve made very minor changes to. GA did a pretty great job so I didn’t feel like I needed to change anything major other than a few things. There will be a list in the comments of what I’ve changed, even though they are quite minor.

This release also includes a Shinkenger file, that being the Go-Onger VS Shinkenger Movie. I included it into the batch because Go-Anonger had already scrubbed it so I thought I may as well. I have however set the font to match Over-Time’s Shinken release and I have also adjusted the terminology to fit their’s. So if you are watching O-T’s Shinken release, then this will be a seamless transition. The Goseigers also make an appearance, and their terminology has been set to match MillionFold Curiosity release of Goseiger.

Episodes 9, 11, 17, 19, 20, 26, 30, 38, 40, 42, 48 and VS Gekiranger include a second track that contains subtitles for the Insert Songs

Big thanks to these folks for helping make this possible:

PocketUniverse – Provider of Movie Raws and Torrent/Mega Release
Go-Anonger – Provider of Original Scripts
GuSTaVauM – Provider of Episode Raws
Bunny Hat – Provider of Promo Raw
SpecialForm12 – Translation Checks
Den – Originally planned to release on Mega but faced technical difficulties
RocketPanda – Originally planned to release torrent but became preoccupied

TV-Nihon also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and really couldn’t have been completed without them.